Comply with the following to avoid serious personal injury and critical accidents.
  • Guards must be provided on all chain and sprocket installation as per ANSI / ASME B 15.1 - 1984 and ANSI / ASME B
  • 20.1 1990 or other applicable safety standards. As and when these standards are revised, the updated edition should be followed.
  • Power should be switched off before installation, removal, lubrication or service of a chain system.
  • When connecting or disconnecting chain
    • Wear safety glasses, protective clothing, gloves and safety shoes
    • Support the chain to prevent movement
    • Use appropriate tools for connecting and disconnecting chains and sprockets
  • Do not attempt to connect or disconnect chain unless the drive mechanism is well understood.
  • Chain and sprocket selection should be made in accordance with our horsepower rating chart or our Recommendations.
  • Regular maintenance is required for all chain drives.
  • Connecting link should be attached as illustrated.
  • Plating, welding and other operations may reduce strength and can cause breakage. Consult our engineers for recommendation.
  • Do not re-use disassembled chain parts. Do not use reworked chain or join reworked chain with a new chain.
  • Never use acid, alkali or general rust removal solvents to clean a chain. It may cause Hydrogen embrittlement
  • Never use a new chain on an old sprocket. Replace chains and sprockets together.