Sealed Chains

Range of Products

Rombo offers the entire range of Motorcycle chains superior in performance & life.

Sealed chains – J420, J428H, J520, J520M

Rear wheel Sprocket:

Aesthetically designed, we manufacture the entire range of Rear wheel sprockets which makes the right fit with the chain

Gearbox Sprocket:

Our fine blanking process ensures that we give you the best of the quality for your gearbox sprockets.

  • 'X' Ring Chains – a quality X ring chain with a difference!
  • The X-ring’s four contact points provide better sealing performance and thereby longer life.
  • 'O' Ring Chains – a promising Sealed chain offering


Performance of Rombo sealed chains:

The Sealed chain has 40% better and the X ring chain has 65% better performance when compared to a regular chain when tested at similar conditions.