Motorcycle Drive Chains

Range of Products

Rombo offers the entire range of Motorcycle chains superior in performance & life.


Motorcycle Chain Range:

J415, J415H, J415R, J420, J420H, J428, J428H, J520, J525, J530, J520M

Rear wheel Sprocket:

Aesthetically designed, we manufacture the entire range of Rear wheel sprockets which makes the right fit with the chain

Gearbox Sprocket:

Our fine blanking process ensures that we give you the best of the quality for your gearbox sprockets.


Aftermarket Kits: With our experience in chain manufacturing, the obvious option for value-addition would have been to enter the Kits business.Today, we supply 40+ Lakh chain kits per annum to various mechanics, dealers and distributors. We ensure the best-in-class sprockets as part of Kits thus ensuring the highest performance.



Solid Bush Chains:

Solid Bush chains are manufactured through TIDC‘S New technology which enhances the chain life, reduces the wear rate & improves the grease retention in the chain.


Advantages of TIDC’S Solid Bush Chains:

  • Solid Bush combined with superior grade of pin material gives the best wear characteristics.
  • The solid bush retains the lubrication for a longer period of time, giving four times the chain wear life.