TIDC INDIA has annual production capacity of over 40 million meters of chains from it 3 plants across India. TIDC INDIA has been serving global motor cycle OEMs, industrial OEMs, top global chains brands & end users. We’ve been their trusted partners for many decades due to our core strength in manufacturing, quality, reliability, flexibility & efficiency.

With over 55 years of manufacturing expertise, we are one of the oldest chain manufacturers who have been constantly innovating in terms of manufacturing processes & improved productivity. We have a team of around 50+ engineers constantly working to produce the best chains. Being part financially strong Murugappa group, We’ve constantly kept abreast with latest manufacturing technology to improve productivity, deliver per commitment & help improve cost optimization ultimately delivering customer value.

We are pioneers in the concept of “cellular manufacturing” in the Indian & global chain industry. One of our great strength is being “Complete Chain Company”, our product portfolio has nearly 10, 000+ SKUs and yet been consistently delivering right product with short lead times. We are able to deliver the standard & customized products & solutions due to our production methodology, the product specific stand-alone divisions having strong processes to produce different varieties of chains & meet customer expectations.

The process that we follow is as below:
  • Material Planning Process
    • Immense focus is placed on material composition which is a major influencing factor to get the best product output. Our difference begins with finalising the material properties such as carbon and alloy content, mechanical properties, post-heat treatment behaviour, etc. We have metallurgists working exclusively on material selection to ensure minimisation of impurities which have an adverse impact on tensile and fatigue strength. Our experience in this field has helped us maintain strict tolerances throughout the manufacturing process which ensure longer life for our products.


  • Tooling Development
    • We have a team of dedicated Engineers working on Tool design & development to ensure the closest end-tolerance in the final product. We use simulation techniques to check the tolerance online post-which the actual process of developing the tool begins. Due to our long-standing presence in the Chain Industry our understanding of tool design is unparalleled in the country. You can rely on us to develop the best-in-class chains with the help of the best-in-class tooling that we develop.

  • Manufacturing Process
    • Though the process sounds simple, each component of chain is prone to failure if not produced properly. There are 4 basic elements in every chain:

      1. Inner/ Outer Plate - Inner and outer plates go through precision processes to ensure a maximum bearing area that is straight, smooth, and burr-free
      2. Pin - Precision grinding ensures consistent fit and smooth travel
      3. Bush – Our process enables bushes to be extruded with uniform wall thickness and concentricity for smooth travel. High level of roundness ensures higher bearing area for the pin
      4. Roller – Precision roller design and high degree of dimensional control allows for extrusion with the best possible roundnes
  • Heat Treatment Process
    • We realised very early in our evolution that Heat Treatment forms the base for a quick production process. Hence, we use dedicated furnaces to heat treat components so that they receive maximum carbon penetration for a high carbon surface and low carbon core. The process ensures consistent depth of case hardening increasing strength, durability, and wear resistance.

  • Value-add process
    • We deploy special processes like Shot - Peening to ensure the best quality to our customers. This highly controlled process ensures that components receive the same level of treatment for a consistent compressive surface stress that helps to increase fatigue resistance.

  • Lubrication Process
    • We understand the importance of lubrication and its impact on a chain’s wear life. Our expertise in the field of lubrication has not only helped improve corrosion protection but also helped us enhance wear life. We have developed processes which ensure maximum coverage of components thus ensuring the best quality lubrication. We have experience of dealing with various kinds of coating – ZAC, etc.

  • Assembly process
    • We have come to believe that the assembly of chains forms one of the most critical steps in chain making. We have a Quality Control (QC) team who do the screening here for 100% of the chains being produced. We are also pioneers in creating custom-made spools/ fixtures for transporting the chains from our shop-floor to the customer location.

  • Pre – Loading Process
    • Pre-loading is a very important step in our production process. This forms the proof of our world class manufacturing process wherein the recommended maximum working load during usage is estimated. This step is also taken to eliminate any initial elongation that might have taken place and ensure that the pins and bushes are seated perfectly.