With power transmission applications, the constant endeavour is to provide an enhanced wear and fatigue life. We have been delivering power transmission solutions for the past 60 years and are well known in the fields of chain engineering for doing so.

We have a dedicated team of engineers who are constantly working to develop new applications. We constantly work towards adding value to our customers. These engineers are in constant touch with various R & D centres across the globe to stay updated on the latest happenings in the fields of metallurgy, heat treatment, etc.

Product Development

Conveyor Rig

We have indigenously designed the material handling system with custom design changes to the execution of the entire project. This system ensured a savings to the customer in terms of space thus enhancing his line capacity.


Test Rig

We have installed test rigs wherein our products are rigorously tested to ensure the delivery of the promises that we have made.

As an expert in design and manufacturing of chains, we wanted to assess the performance of our chains against that of competition and the results speak for themselves:

ASME / ANSI # 50 accelerated wear testing

ASME / ANSI # 60 accelerated wear testing

The above product performance helps prove our competence in the field of chain engineering. Based on the requirement of the customer, we have been providing problem-solving solutions at affordable prices to every customer.

Process Engineering

Today's competitive business environment is demanding with every function wanting to be the best. The measure that everybody wants to achieve is an increase in profitability & improvement in output.

Keeping this demand in mind, we have constituted a team of experts in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic engineering and Metallurgical sciences, who are constantly focussing on improving the productivity on the shop-floor. This team has institutionalised an Operational Excellence program, in line with TPM/ TQM standards, which has translated into tremendous monetary benefits to all our customers.