Motorcycle Chains

TIDC in India under the brand name Diamond India is the market leader serving all top OEMs & after-market kits for end users. With over 3 decades of product development knowledge, we have been supplying to all Automotive majors in India namely, Hero Moto Corp, Honda Motorcycles, Bajaj, Yamaha, Suzuki, TVS, Royal Enfield, etc. Our technological advancements have ensured we stay on top on quality and in our wide variety of product offerings with proud inclusion of O-ring, X-ring & Brass plated chains, fine blanked sprockets & venturing into new horizon of silent chains

TIDC ventured into Fine blanking division in 1996 and have been setting standards in this business. We are in a position to source specality steels, subjected to high temperature annealing for spherodisation. This inputs enables TIDC to produce components without any fracture or tear mark which helps to deliver high values to customer in on-time

We are a force to reckon-with in India with our domestic brand – DIAMOND INDIA and are selling more than 4 Million automotive chain-sprocket kits in the aftermarket. The brand DIAMOND INDIA & ROMBO promises Trust, Reliability and High Performance.